Closet Classics Accolades
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We make the process of creating your dream custom closet easy and fun! Our staff includes professionally trained designers who utilize a state of the art three dimensional design software. We listen closely to all of your storage needs and desires and ask any pertinent questions to thoroughly understand the space you envision.. Then we help you layout your perfect closet system so everything in your space has a logical, functional, and beautiful place to be stored. Next, we go through the design again to make sure that we have maximized your closet storage solution. Once we have gone through all the options together your unique design is transformed directly into a purchase order and sent directly to ORG's one of a kind FSC certified factory. The plant utilizes the highest quality material on the market and we are proud to be the only company in the United States with this machinery and manufacturing process.

Order time to installation is typically only a few weeks.  Our installers are ..... Even after your job is completed we will check back with you periodically over the next year to make sure that everything is perfect. Closet Classics is a licensed General Contractor and 100% committed to your complete satisfaction. If you are ready to create your dream closet system, we are ready to help, so feel free to contact us today for a no obligation quote!

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